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Sometimes you need a little help. Not all companies are big enough or have the finances or energy to set up their own IT department with skilled IT staff. Sometimes it is necessary to have a resource that knows the challenges and requirements of the business, knows the IT infrastructure, applications and users and at the same time is always available when needed. And sometimes it's just nice to call someone and ask for advice.

We tailor our services and packages to suit your needs or your business.

We have approaches, solutions and packages that are tailored to the industry. Maybe it suits you too? Read more here.

You will find us in Stenungsund but our customers are located all over the west coast.

Not all companies are large enough or have the finances or energy to establish their own IT department with competent IT staff. Sometimes you need a little help.

 We tailor our services and packages to suit your needs or your business.

We have approaches, solutions and packages that are tailored to the industry. Maybe it suits you too? Read more here.


Our IT Services

IT Department

Let us be your IT department! We customize the solution and create packages based on your requirements.
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Sample content:

  • Computer and accessories
  • Computer replaced after 3 years
  • Screen, dock and keyboard included
  • Tillgång till WhiteRed support 7-17 alla vardagar
  • Help via remote control, telephone or on site
  • Office 365 Business Premium
  • Backup your documents with cloud storage
  • Antivirus

IT consultant

IT infrastructure and project management consultancy services. We offer relief in everyday life and support the implementation of new solutions.
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For us, it's not just about a good solution. We want you as a customer to get maximum benefit in your business. You, as a customer, can always expect an objective consultation from us, taking into account your history, your business and your circumstances.

With great dedication and creativity, we ensure maximum productivity and efficiency in your IT environment and for your users.

Culture and values are our guiding light. We are convinced that you as a customer will feel our commitment and innovative thinking in working with us. Our goal is for you to feel that you are in safe hands.



We help you with decisions, tools and services so you can take more preventive steps regarding your IT security.
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Computer security - security review

We conduct a basic review of your IT environment. We record the results and propose actions. The risks are classified to enable you to assess when it is relevant to take action.

Many people use our review as a budgetary basis to sharpen their IT security in the longer term. For those companies with specific IT security needs, we have partners to take your IT security to the next level.


Computer security - antivirus

Fortunately, computers without antivirus applications are rare today. If you want additional control over your computer, we have several services. What we have in common is that we monitor and take action if and when needed. If you do come under attack, we'll make sure the threat is eliminated.


 Backup as a service - local server

To secure data and production, we will set up a backup server at your site, for which we take full responsibility. Backups are taken every night and stored on a physically separate server that has the capacity to act as a backup in case of disaster. We receive alerts and take action if something happens to the server or if any backup job goes wrong.

As an option, we copy all data to our data centre in Gothenburg to further protect your data against fire and theft.

Backup as a service - client

Many users need to have their documents close at hand and quickly accessible. The usual solution is to save them on their own computer. To protect the information from being lost, we have several services to avoid this.

To further protect your computer and your company's data, we recommend our client backup service that takes a copy of your entire computer every night or whenever you want. We'll monitor and contact you if anything isn't working properly.

Backup as a service - Microsoft 365

The version control and preservation features of Microsoft 365 are often sufficient to recover deleted information. To resemble traditional backup or backup, and thus gain long history and own control over data, additional measures should be added. Our "Backup as a Service - Microsoft 365" uses Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 and stores the backups on your own servers or on our central backup server in Gothenburg. The service backs up Exchange Online, Sharepoint, OneDrive and Teams. We get alerts if something is not working properly and fix it.


Packaged network delivery services to private and business customers.
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Networking - Wifi as a service

We take full responsibility for your wireless network through design, planning, installation and monitoring - everything you need. 

We have special packages designed to suit the West Coast:

  • Tourism - Wifi at campsites and marinas.
  • Wifi to boathouse or outbuilding.
Networking - VPN as a service

VPN has many forms. It is used both between networks and directly from the client. We configure VPN connectivity directly to your firewall or via our central VPN concentrator so you can connect securely to the nodes you need. Two-factor login ensures your identity.

Networking - firewall as a service

Firewall as a service is exactly what it sounds like. We provide a firewall that has the features and capabilities you need. Should you need to upgrade, we'll customize with a new firewall. We administer, monitor and fix problems and take full responsibility.

Options: additional firewall for redundancy or attach a 4G modem for dual internet connections.


Not everyone wants to move to a big cloud and others want to avoid the headache of having their own hardware on their premises. We have extensive experience in both situations.
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Do you long to get rid of the responsibility and dependence on local installations? Or are your premises perhaps not suitable or equipped in terms of uninterruptible power supply, security and fire protection? Then hosting is a good choice. Moreover, most licenses today are tailored for hosting, leading to further economies of scale where you can get licenses that are "shared" with others and/or can be adjusted according to a company's peaks and troughs.


There are still several reasons for wanting your own servers and hardware. Requirements for security, functionality and, not least, economy mean that many people keep their own data centre. We take responsibility for the operation and management of your IT environment.

Performance "on tap"

Some customers need and want to use dedicated hardware. Others want to pay for the power they use and may therefore choose to purchase hosting on shared IT infrastructure. One advantage of being in a shared environment is that there is ample capacity in the hardware to expand the performance of your servers should a sudden or new need arise.


Our servers are housed in a data centre with dual internet lines, security-rated shell protection, backup power through battery and diesel. In addition, it is physically located on the west coast. Should disaster strike, we copy our backups to a different data center every night in order to have both belt and braces.


We monitor your IT infrastructure and fix any problems without you having to take action. We also monitor what you think is important to you, such as specific features in applications or that a service is working "well enough".

Support and maintenance

Our service WhiteRed IT support is a natural part of WhiteRed Hosting. Getting fast and competent help from one place is a security to lean on for every company. There is always someone to answer when you need it.

Every month we perform scheduled maintenance on the infrastructure, ensuring that the latest relevant security updates are installed. Routine maintenance is carried out and changes to the environment that cannot be made in service are managed.


To meet the requirements of the GDPR, US cloud services are forced to offer storage within the EU to Swedish companies and organisations. What should be taken into account is that it is not just about GDPR. It is also about exposing the company's data, and therefore the company, to foreign laws. As a business owner, you should therefore be extremely careful about what kind of information your company stores on these services.

With WhiteRed's Hosting, you don't have to think about it. WhiteRed is a Swedish company operating under Swedish law, just like our customers. We are aware of the requirements for Swedish companies. We have already taken care of built-in privacy "Privacy by design" in the construction phase of our services. We use the tools and control functions of the Swedish Data Protection Authority to ensure that our customers comply as far as possible with current legal requirements.

By addressing privacy issues from start to finish, throughout the lifecycle of the system, we increase our ability to comply with applicable laws and enhance security. At the same time, it reduces the risk of unnecessary costs and time-consuming work that arises when trying to mitigate privacy issues after the fact.

Learn more about GDPR at The Privacy Shield Authority.


WhiteRed Workplace is an all-inclusive IT service. You can focus on your customers and delivery. Leave the IT issues to us.

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We make sure you have a working computer with backup and antivirus. You also get Office 365 with the Office suite and email services, etc. When something goes wrong, call our helpdesk, which is open every weekday from 7am to 5pm.


What is included?

We have developed a standard package that we believe will suit most people. If you need to add or change something, no problem, just ask us and we'll get back to you with a solution.

The following are always included in the service:

  • Computer and accessories
  • Computer replaced after 3 years
  • Screen, dock and keyboard included
  • Access to WhiteRed Support 7-17 every weekday
  • Help via remote control, telephone or on site
  • Office 365 Business Premium
    • Word
    • Excel
    • Outlook
    • Teams
    • Exchange
  • Backup your documents with cloud storage
  • Antivirus
What does it cost?

WhiteRed Workplace costs 945 SEK (excl. VAT) per user per month.


Binding time

We have no commitment period. We know that we do a good job and that you as a customer want to stay with us. If you do want to terminate the contract, you can buy the computer for residual value or return it to us. We want the computer to work and be in good condition.

Does this sound interesting? Want to know more? Contact us we'll tell you more!

Industry solutions

Accounting & Auditing

Having to update applications and tools to keep up with clients and deadlines is something an accounting firm lives with every month. We understand that data needs to be kept secure yet accessible.


Building & Construction

Quick decisions, changes and unexpected events. New establishments and projects are set up. We match up the same way you match your client. We are used to working with most construction applications.

Camping & marina

We deliver Wifi solutions for campsites, holiday villages and marinas. We deliver as a service and take responsibility for functionality and support. If something breaks, we solve it. Every location has its challenges and we help you make the right choice.

Local partner with Moln'it

At WhiteRed, we don't pretend to be the best at everything. That's why we partner with moln'it when it comes to smart and automated IT solutions.

moln'it is a certified Microsoft Partner and works to streamline the IT environment of small businesses, primarily through smart cloud services based on Microsoft 365.

"10 minutes a day is a working week in a year... per employee. - That's a lot of time saved, and money." /Claes Tornevall, moln'it

Moln'it logotyp


Whitered brought competent support with drive forward, they are easy to work with and a fantastically effective partner to talk ideas with. In an educational way, they created a greater understanding of the work task as a whole and how to think in order to achieve a successful result.

Theresia Nielsen & Marianne Söderman
Västra Gästrikland Community Planning Administration

Thanks to WhiteRed's involvement in our first e-archiving project, we made it!

Viveca Nyström
Municipal Archivist Lerum Municipality

Thank you for a professional approach and quick help, you are the best!

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