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Konsulter inom e-arkiv

Att införa e-arkiv och digital arkivering kan upplevas både som svårt och komplext. WhiteRed är en oberende part som kan hjälpa och stötta er i arbetet. Vi har erfarenhet och kompetens av projektering, kravställning, upphandling, införande samt anslutning av verksamhetssystem till flera olika e-arkiv på marknaden. Det gäller både enstaka avställningar eller anslutning för kontinuerlig leverans.

Skanning och digitalisering av handlingar

With the help of our robot, we can help you with your documents, all the way from the archive shelf to the point where they are searchable in the e-archive.

We have experience in digitising a wide range of documents that are often requested by the public, such as grade documents. We use the latest technology and put security at the forefront of the process.

RODA e-archive

WhiteRed offers RODA e-archive as a service, RODA e-archive On-Prem, support in Swedish and consulting support for questions regarding RODA e-archive. WhiteRed is Keep Solutions ' Swedish partner.

RODA är i grunden en lösning som bygger på öppen källkod som idag används av flera stora svenska myndigheter och av EU-administrationen. En utmaning för svenska myndigheter är avsaknad av en pålitlig svensk leverantör, vilket gör att många tvekar inför valet att använda RODA e-arkiv. WhiteRed kan nu som första och enda leverantör i Sverige erbjuda allt från konsultstöd och utbildning till fullskalig drift och supportleverans, inklusive tillgång till våra egenutvecklade funktioner och tjänster för RODA e-arkiv.

Our customers can feel confident that the delivery is based entirely in Sweden and we have taken into account the requirements of Swedish authorities regarding data protection and information security.

Why e-archives?

All public authorities are required by law to keep their written and digital documents. The business systems in use today are not designed to preserve the information created in perpetuity, but e-archives are.

Moreover, all documents drawn up within a public authority are public documents, with certain exceptions. This means that you, as a citizen, can request them without telling us who you are or why. An e-archive simplifies the process and allows citizens to search for documents themselves online.

Consulting services in e-archiving

Project management

Project management for feasibility studies, implementation and procurement.
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We can be your sounding board for the procurement and implementation of e-archives. We are an independent partner and have good knowledge in the field of e-archives.


We have experience of e-archiving projects from a variety of municipalities and regions. We support our clients with project management and technical expertise in feasibility studies, requirements definition and procurement of e-archives, as well as in system connections.

Scanning & Digitisation

Digitisation of analogue documents and delivery to e-archives.
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With the help of our robot, we can help you with your documents, all the way from the archive shelf to the point where they are searchable in the e-archive.

We have experience in digitising a wide range of documents that are often requested by the public, such as grade documents. We use the latest technology and put security at the forefront of the process.


 Archiving from systems that do not have an export function

Many of our customers have preservation information in legacy systems, such as Capella, which are no longer in use without the option of transferring the information to the e-archive themselves. We have created a solution to this problem. Contact us and we'll tell you more.


Digitalisation as a service
  • Scanning and digitisation of documents at a fixed monthly cost.
  • The monthly cost is assessed based on the number of defined document types, volume and quality of scanned documents.
  • Additional costs will be charged for any scanning and for additional types of documents outside the contract.


Information management

Support in updating the information management plan.

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We offer support in introducing or updating an information management plan (formerly called a document management plan).

Our template is process-based and spans the entire business.

Our packages include:

  • Adapted template for information management plan
  • Planning
  • Workshops
  • Follow-ups
  • Advice and support

Of course, we make adjustments based on the customer's wishes and activities.

Training in e-archiving

Training packages in e.g. XML schemas and FGS packages.

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Education in XML and FGS
  • Practical XML education
  • XML schemas
  • Style sheets
  • FGS package
Education in connecting systems to e-archives
  • Submission to the e-archive
  • Phases and content of the whole process
  • Templates
  • Built on PAIMAS

We offer ready-made training packages, but we also tailor them to the customer's requirements.

Connection of systems

System connections at a fixed price to an existing electronic archive.

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Do you have an existing e-archive but need help connecting systems?

We take the system from "axis to limb" and, together with you, carry out the entire connection. We connect systems at a fixed price.

Our proprietary process is based on PAIMAS (ISO 20652:2006).

Content of the connection packages:

  • Technical connection
  • Tutoring
  • Templates
  • Education
  • Advice & support

All of the above is included at a fixed price per system.


Effektivare informationshantering samt arkivarieresurs.

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WhiteRed kan erbjuda arkivkonsulter till organisationer som är i behov av en arkivarie. Uppdraget kan innebära att ta hand om utlämningar, uppdatera informationshanteringsplaner eller stöd i att få en effektivare informationshantering som följer lagar och föreskrifter.

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sweaty archivist
happy archivist

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Framework contract supplier of archive consultancy services, Swedish National Agency for Education

WhiteRed has through procurement been awarded as a framework agreement supplier of archive consultancy services for the Swedish National Agency for Education. The agreement includes consulting services related to archivist, project manager and technical project manager. The framework agreement is valid for up to four years. "We are proud of...


Whitered brought competent support with drive forward, they are easy to work with and a fantastically effective partner to talk ideas with. In an educational way, they created a greater understanding of the work task as a whole and how to think in order to achieve a successful result.

Theresia Nielsen & Marianne Söderman
Västra Gästrikland Community Planning Administration

Thanks to WhiteRed's involvement in our first e-archiving project, we made it!

Viveca Nyström
Municipal Archivist Lerum Municipality

Thank you for a professional approach and quick help, you are the best!

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